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smiley post-it note®

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sticky notes, but make them cute! 😊 legit post-it note® brand sticky notes ensure great quality!

the smiley notepad is shown in some photos – that is NOT included in the purchase of the smiley post-it note®.

limited quantity left and not restocking!

product details:

  • 3 x 3 post-it sticky notes®
  • 50 sheets per pad
  • self-adhesive backing!

please note: our first print round resulted in a very light background – you can very faintly see a grid pattern however since it’s barely noticeable, we’re calling this a plain background sticky note. our second round of printing resulted in a better print, but still a very faded back grid. for reference, the background is not as dark as the smiley notepad. see photos for reference. so sorry for this!

due to the nature of this item, no returns, refunds or exchanges will be issued.