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happpyal font

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write like me with my self titled font, happpyal! featuring 26 capital and lowercase letters, numbers and basic symbols, this textured and imperfect handwritten font is the perfect choice for your next project that needs a little handwritten vibe,

what's included ⸺
there is a .otf and .ttf file in the zipped folder so you can install whichever version of the font file you prefer. this font features 26 capital & lowercase letters, numbers and basic symbols. note: this font was creating using calligraphr, an automatic font creating tool, therefore some kerning and tracking between letters may be slightly off. for that reason, some manual adjustment may be necessary.

terms of use 
no attribution free use: you may use this font in both personal and commercial projects. attribution is not required, but greately appreciated and encouraged, as this helps more artists find me and my resources!

this is a one seat license, so you cannot pass this font file to or transfer the license to someone else. direct them to the download page if they want this font file. further, you may not redistribute this font file as your own or include it in any other free resource bundles without my written permission. if you use this font for client work, you must outline and embed fonts. if your client wishes to use this font, they must download directly from me. this font is copyright happpyal creative co.